Do It Yourself Design World

As a longterm designer, I want to share a few tips with you today. HGTV has made everyone an interior designer. Yup, you know what you like. Yup, we believe that. The following is a short list of what will get you to the finished design without hicups.

1. Speak with your contractor before you buy anything.
If you are self installing, know your product before you buy.

2. Don’t say yes go ahead to a verbal description if you don’t
understand completely what is being said. #1 cause of
dislike of end design is homeowner said yes to the
contractor without full knowldege of what was being
described. Ask for drawings and explanations.

3. Ask for budgets and if you make a change expect an
increased cost and a a required change order.

4. Mistakes happen, but be fair to your laborers. If it is your
mistake don’t expect the contractor to absorb the cost.

5. If you are taking on the project management, have
confidence in yourself. Get help when you need it, and like
your choices.

It’s a beautiful world out there. Go for it!

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