Holiday Primping

Harvest PillowThat great family holiday, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. You are hosting this year-good for you. Your kids are home for the holidays-what a blessing.

I am guessing that you want to put a little decorating spirit into your home to welcome everyone, but you don’t want to make Thanksgiving decorations a career.

I have just the solution. Look at these beautiful holiday pillows to add to any bench, chair, or sofa. They are carefully crafted in India from wool that is hooked into this beautiful harvest pattern. Magic you’re done. These are available at Stewart-Zacks for $42. Easy right?

And just one more suggestion, those little white lights you put out at Christmas—-put a couple of strands in easy strategically placed spots. Something about those white lights make you think of the holidays and give your space that warm homey atmosphere. Guests will comment-I guarantee it.

It’s a beautiful world out there. Go for it!

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