Re-upholstering with Home Decor Fabrics


Reupholster with custom fabrics

Need an idea to freshen up your room? Re-upholstering lets you keep your furniture that you love while also transforming it into a custom piece to match your home, office, or cottage.

Stewart-Zacks has hundreds of fabrics available on display at our location in Traverse City. Stop by and let the expert designers at Stewart-Zacks assist you in choosing the perfect fabric for you to spruce up that tired sofa. We´ll work to make sure it fits perfectly with your current home décor.

After choosing your perfect fabric we work with local experts with decades of experience to ensure quality workmanship for years to come.

To really tie off your room, we can assist you with custom made draperies and pillows from our extensive selection of fabrics. These are handmade by local experts ensuring not only a rare level of quality not typically found in mass manufactured items. Also because it´s made locally, you can ensure that your home is truly one of a kind.

Just right and brand new!

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