Custom Interior Design

We are Traverse City’s oldest interior design store.  In forty plus years on Front Street, we have learned that as beautiful as the items offered in store, often you need something custom created for your home.  The interior designers here are talented professionals.  Each of them have a passion to take store goods or custom goods to create just the environment you want in your home.  Keeping track of current trends is why we can bring you the newest home decor fashion.  Our designers are problem solvers and color experts with strong product knowledge.

Stewart-Zacks interior design service has multiple options. Our store items are the pretties.  We can help you choose from within, but our designers are trained to custom create in all area also.  Helping with your initial floor plan involves making selections in all phases of the building construction.  This is a vital part of relieving you of stress and helping you keep the end product in your mind.  During construction building decisions are bombarded at you.  Each decision should retain your vision of the end result.  We also make sure you know the newest and brightest choices offered so you don’t miss out on new options.

We also keep you aware of paint and wallpaper and flooring choices that the builder might extenuate as part of their expertise.  We know the appearances, care, and attributes of your potential selections. We know that many choices such as lighting have to be planned for early so you get the ambiance and function located where you really want it.  Exterior choices should be planned for decisions made by you not left to your building crew.  Don’t forget thinking out your window treatments during construction will allow you to get everything your want.  Moving on to furnishings is the beautiful icing.

Make your Design Team Stewart-Zacks.  We will build a strong relationship as your home is being built.  We will save you from costly mistakes and dreaded change orders.  We will bring you a beautiful home, save you money, and keep you happy and sane throughout the entire project.

Remodeling or freshening up a room???  We can do that too!