Ramping up your design brain.

Inviting me to read a book

Inviting me to read a book

What gets your brain going about design within your own home?  Nothing does more for me than a visual of something I really like.  It sets the thinking tone to what can I do to my house to give me the feeling I like this much.  Lately I have been getting emailed newsletters from traditionalhome.com.  You should sign up for their newsletters.  Not everything I see I love.  (Keep in mind I design for others so when I look I am looking for ideas for others also.)

I never look at one of these visuals and say “oh that’s too much (design) for me.”  I look and I say I could use that idea.  I dissect it for what I can use and really like and even what do I already own.  I never try to copy completely.  The other thing these visuals do for me is start my engine.  I get more housecleaning and clutter removal done after seeing a design idea I like.  I can’t force you to like “big design” photos, but I am telling you, they can help you get your own design accomplished.

It’s a beautiful world out there.  Go for it!

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