Stewart Zacks featured on Stress-Free Guide to Buying a Rug

Stewart Zacks was recently featured on, a New York based fine art and antique dealer. publishes how to guides for selecting and maintining these types of valuable pieces so they will retain their conditions for generations to come. Here is an excerpt from the article with link at bottom to read the full article on

Lofty’s Stress-Free Guide to Buying a Rug that Will be Beautiful Forever

By Corin Blust,


Lynn Starkey owns Stewart-Zacks, a popular home goods shop and interior design firm with a particular emphasis on rugs and textiles located in Traverse City, Michigan, a small community on the shores of Lake Michigan. Lynn’s shop stocks comfortable home decor with the community’s high concentration of summer homes in mind, including rugs and textiles she sources from Iceland and the Middle East. Here, she shares advice for buying the perfect rug, a significant investment that can be a stressful purchase!

Over the years, Lynn has worked with a broad range of clientele, including television personalities, government officials, and automotive executives. She says, “people are all very similar when they are talking about furnishing their home. They are worried about their choices.” To alleviate the stress of making these types of decisions, Lynn suggests that the most important thing to consider when selecting a rug is to truly love the color and pattern, because “you will use it forever, so you should try to avoid design trends that will not endure time.” Also, “make sure there are small, subtle colors within the patterns that you can pull out with your accessories.” Like a great work of art, a beautiful rug is an investment that you will use and enjoy for the rest of your life. What is “hot” at the current moment might not fit your personal taste, and that is okay!

Lynn’s interior design philosophy is simple. When working with a client, her goal is to “help our clients ‘place the space’ – the home tells us what design it needs, not the reverse. That’s the idea of our designs: respect the structure, please the client, and have fun,” she explained. Although, “every new design project excites me, I do have a favorite – a summer home built around 1930 located in the Crystal Downs Country Club” in nearby Frankfort, Michigan. The home is remarkable because it was built with the unique amenities of electricity and plumbing – uncommon for vacation homes from this era in the region.

Traverse City is a popular second home destination because of its proximity to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, voted “The Most Beautiful Place in America” by Good Morning America viewers in 2011. Most of Lynn’s clients are furnishing homes in the area, but people often call when they return home and order something they saw in the store on vacation.

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